Production Usage

kube-vip Maturity

The kube-vip project is deployed and used in a number of production environments and is included/bundled with a number of production Kubernetes based platforms. Whilst kube-vip could be thought of as pre-release, it has happily found it's home in places where it runs production workloads. A cursary glance at time of writing this (mid-July 2022) also reveals that downloads combined from Docker Hub and GitHub container registry amount to around 19,000,000 kube-vip container pulls.


Below is a small list of places where kube-vip is used:

  • Equinix Metal
  • VMware Tanzu
  • Cluster-API vSphere
  • Cluster-API Cloudstack
  • Cluster-API Nutanix
  • Cluster-API BYOH (Bring your own host)
  • Cluster-API IBMCloud
  • EKS-Anywhere
  • Harvester (from Rancher)

Key Usage

  • On-premises environments
  • Virtualised platforms
  • Bare-metal
  • Home-lab
  • Edge